Normally, someone would gather all the information they want people to know about them and hand it all off to someone so that person could put it all together in a nice sounding way. This time, I thought I should be the one to tell you who I am. I’ll still try and make it sound nice.

Let's go way back to grade school. In my elementary years is when I developed a love of music. A cassette of hits from my parents’ era of Elvis, Billy Holiday and Gene Chandler. I’m only naming those three because I had “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Blue Moon”, and “Duke of Earl” on repeat. 


Fast forward a few years to high school. I went to high school in Odessa, TX. That’s when a few friends and myself started a Christian praise and worship band. I was the drummer. We had a good time playing for different events around town until we graduated and went our separate ways. 


After high school, a couple of us from our praise band found a couple new guys and started a Christian rock band where I was, again, the drummer. I love drumming. I’m not complaining. Hell, I didn’t even know I could sing at this point. The band, Soulstrum, lasted a couple years. We opened up for some cool acts. Most notably, Pillar, a Christian rock band that was on top of the scene at that time. Then….wait for it….they kicked me out. I went through a divorce and apparently Christians don’t fuck up. No, I’m not bitter. In fact, that’s kind of what launched me into playing guitar and singing my little heart out. 


I had always fiddled around with the guitar (I do understand the difference between a fiddle and a guitar), but this is when I sold my drum kit and began to find a passion in making my own music. I started to write and wrote some pretty crappy stuff I’m sure. I don’t really remember any of those songs. It’s kind of a blur. I mean, shoot, I had just ended a relationship. I was livin’. 


Later on, I found country music and fell in love again. I had never given country music a chance before that. It was always rock or rap or pop. Not necessarily in that order. Country music related to me. It inspired me. It was real life. 


In late 2014, I started my solo career with what I thought was the best song I had written up to that point. Some (my fiancé) would argue that it is still near the top of my catalog. “Your Man” did well on the Texas charts, peaking at #63 on the Texas Top 100 chart (Texas Regional Radio Report, TRRR). That song opened the door for my band to open for some huge acts. Let me name drop for a second. It’s a bio for crying out loud. We opened for Mark Chesnutt, Gary Alan, Tyler Farr, Dustin Lynch, Chris Young, Cody Johnson, Chris Jansen, Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Cory Morrow and Easton Corbin. It has been a great ride, but it is just getting started. 


The last couple of years have brought some changes, including moving to Nashville to pursue music wher else but Music City and have released several singles. Since  2017, I have released 5 singles and 3 of those have been in 2019. 2020 is looking bright with more releases on the horizon. 


So now that you know a little bit about me, hop in your ride, roll down your windows and enjoy the music I make. I hope you dig it and I hope I get to see you at a show! Cheers.