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Born and raised in West Texas, I grew up with a heavy influence of Jesus and music. All the way through high school I played in Christian rock and worship bands and had plans to be a touring drummer. I put those plans on hold, however, when I got married at 19, only to be divorced at 21 to my high school sweetheart. I traded one dream for another and was empty handed. “Never again,” I thought, and recommitted myself to music. However, this time through guitar and songwriting. I moved into a cramped apartment alone, and with the combination of almost no space and needing the extra cash I sold my drum set. Heartbreak was all I knew.


A few years after, I met a girl who introduced me to country music. I fell in love with her and country music at about the same time. Thank you, sweetheart.


I worked in the oil field while trying to make that relationship work. We married, then split up a few years later. With her long gone I was able to finally chase my dream of writing my stories and telling them to as many folks as I could.


In 2017, Nashville became my home. Pouring out my heart in a song was and is about the only form of therapy that helps me to grow as a human. I've been kicking tires and lighting fires full time for nearly 10 years now and can't see myself doing anything else. I feel like I've landed where I'm supposed to land for now, and I hope that people can listen to my songs and not only resonate to the pain and joy I’ve felt, but also with the gratitude and appreciation I have toward you for allowing me to be chasing this crazy dream.

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